About Me

Hello, I’m Clair with the hair.

I live behind a computer screen near Tavistock, where I spend my time pootling about on the internet talking to strangers and friends, and finding out the best new ways to do digital marketing. When I venture out from behind the screen, you’ll often find me at Tavistock Enterprise Hub telling people about the fab new things I’ve found out. Check my calendar for a full list of my sessions and other events I’m attending.

I understand that you started your own business to do the thing you love (well, that’s the idea, anyway), but you have to do bunch of other stuff besides. Yes, someone has to do the accounts, and go to the Post Office, and file away the paperwork… and there’s only you. So you’re busy with all that, and things like posting on Facebook fall far down your list of priorities. But you know you should do it, so let me help you.

I take industry-leading research and articles, and turn them into plain English advice and instructions that you can easily understand and put into practice. I put together tools and techniques that will make your social media marketing quicker, more focused and more productive. And I don’t just talk about it – I use this stuff myself.

As well as making your social media easier, I create websites that you can easily update yourself – I promise! I’m also passionate about branding, and love helping people explore the  reasons why they do what they do, to define what makes their business stand out.

Oh, sorry! You came here to find out about me. Er, I like cats, dinosaurs, chocolate and beer. And Twitter.