Social Media Marketing

I give advice on social media marketing, courses to make it quicker, easier, and more productive, and can help you right from the start to set it all up.

There’s social media marketing courses for beginners, and ones for people who are doing it confidently but want to do it better. Subjects include social media marketing basics, understanding and improving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and tools and techniques to improve your social media marketing.

Courses are held every month in Tavistock – click here for the full list. Other locations are available on request, subject to a minimum of three attendees.

If you’d prefer one-to-one advice tailored specifically to your requirements, contact me to book a bespoke session.


Websites & SEO

I create modern, responsive websites that are easy for you to update – I promise, they really are!

Once your new website is complete, I’ll sit down with you and show you how to manage it. I’ll also give you step-by-step instructions to refer back to, and I’ll be at the end of a phone or email for those niggling questions while you get to grips with it.

I’ll also explain to you about SEO (getting your website to show up high in search results), so all your hard work on it does actually get seen by people.

It’s not all about new stuff – if you have an existing website you’d like to update, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.


Email Marketing

If you want to start sending out email newsletters, I can set that up for you. But I won’t skip off and leave you to it, I’ll sit down and talk you through how it works, you’ll have a handbook to refer back to, and you can always get in touch for advice and assistance while you’re getting used to it.

What about if you’re already sending email newsletters, would you like to check they’re as good as they could be? I can help you work through ‘is this the best thing for my customers?’ and ‘is this the best thing for my business?’. Get in touch and we’ll get together.

For those of you who sell through their website, I can help you use email to improve communication with your customers and encourage them to purchase more. And I promise it won’t take up loads of your time or money!


Anything Else…

If there’s anything else in the world of digital marketing that you need help with, get in touch and ask me.